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Emotional Help
Private Subconscious Therapy
You are more capable of getting better than you think you are.
help for depression, anxiety relief




"I noticed a marked improvement after each session."



Logistics Technician

"I knew I had to do something, it was affecting my family."

Anxiety Relief, help for depression, emotional help




"PST was a godsend. I'm still working on it but I credit a lot of my improvement to this therapy."




"It was effecting my relationships and work. After the therapy, it was like coming out of a shady old cloud."

Would you like to start feeling better today?



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Bipolar relief, help for depression, anxiety relief, anger management




"I no longer feel dead inside. The real me I have gained."

best sleep, anxiety relief, help for depression



Business Owner

"After our first session, I experienced the best sleep I had had in 2 months. My emotional state improved overnight."





"The PST has been an enormous aid to my depression."

Help for Depression, Muscle Tension, Anxiety Relief



Massage Therapist

"I noticed immediately the ease in the tension in my neck and shoulder region."

PST Therapist
I am a SURVIVOR of 30 years of severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Since then, I have a massive vision to help many, many people improve their lives through little or no cost.
My wish is for you to gain much health and happiness from me, my partners and Specialised Knowledge within Global Heroes, so you can live the life you are supposed to and attract the things towards you that you truly desire.
It's possible. I'm living proof.
Darren Davis

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