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Power to the People

Unfortunately, the government doesn't care about you.

But when you ask questions, you get answers.

Otherwise, you end up part of the machine.

You have rights.

It is your duty to know your rights, otherwise you have none.

The Original 1900 UK Constitution was written for you. It is for "We the People".

4 BIG Questions:

Where do you stand?

  • Why would you want to be controlled if you can take care of your own affairs lawfully? If you want to take back control of your private business, you need to get out of the public and into the private. (i.e. out of the corporate Commonwealth lookalike and into the non-corporate Commonwealth.) Then you stand rightfully and lawfully in the Original Commonwealth as a Commonwealth National. You pledge your allegiance to the Original Commonwealth and not the corporate Commonwealth that was put in place deceitfully.

Who are you?

  • In the corporate world you are an Artificial Public Person, whereas in the non-corporate world you are a living Man or Woman who Occupies the Office of Executor for Contracts. You become the Executor for Contracts for your natural private person (not the Artificial Public Person) when you unincorporate the "slave" name (i.e. JOHN SMITH) that is on your birth certificate and drivers licence.

Do you have Authority?

  • Protect what you've worked so hard for. Claim your Estate and become the Executor of your Estate, whilst setting out your terms and conditions for contracting. The aim is to set up a Commonwealth Express Trust so you can become the Trustee of your Estate.

Where do you operate?

  • As a Commonwealth National, you are a man or woman operating in the private and not the public. Commonwealth Nationals don't vote for political parties, they only vote for public servants who work for "We the People". Remember also that, you are Lawful and You are not Legal. Whether you are religious, spiritual or other, you follow Universal Law, Truth or Gods Law and you are peaceful and non-beligerent.

  • Did you know that all documents and forms of I.D you hold that are written in capital letters, (i.e. JOHN SMITH) class you as a corporation and not a living being?​ All documents with your name in CAPITAL LETTERS refers to you as a corporation.


  1. Do you have your Live Birth Record?

  2. Do you follow and serve the correct entity?

  3. Can your estate be taken away from you?

A Brief History

You may or may not be aware, that there are 2 Commonwealths; A corporate Commonwealth and a non-corporate Commonwealth. The corporate Commonwealth was created deceitfully by the so-called government. We have been led to believe for decades that the government has authority over us. They do not. They work for us - We the People.

The Constitution UK 1900 was written for We the People / you.

DISCLAIMER: This page is a basic summary only and is not meant to be solid professional advice. It is up to you to do your own due diligence to protect your rights.

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