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My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 17HJ

I used to consider myself a “dummy” when it comes to learning and understanding readings, literature etc. And there’s things I’d still like to improve on – I’m working on it. After all, what are we if we are not growing?

But I’m so grateful for the readings of Haanel and the lesson on INTUITION. Welcome it when you notice it” he says. Thank you, I do.

When it comes to reading and understanding things straight away, it sometimes takes me a few reads to take it all in. But thankfully we are all different learners and audios help me immensely. I’m not concerned that things don’t make sense straight away consciously, because I know the subconscious is taking it in anyway.

Because the answers to my questions just show up. And they show up more and more, now that I welcome my intuitive moments.

Love it.

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