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My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 6

The week just gone was an intense practice of giving no opinions, even to myself.

Have you ever tried this? It can be a challenge. I remember adopting the ability of putting my ego aside years ago by teaching myself to “Say a lot, by Saying Nothing.”

I really welcome this intense practice, of simply observing and listening and giving no opinions. Don’t know if you’ve tried it, but when I do it, it makes me feel so much more connected to my true self when I shut my mouth. Because when you just listen without judging, you actually notice that what people are saying is often not real fact at all, but just their opinion. Being a Non-judgmental observer works for me.

It is funny, at the same I was noticing and feeling a lot of controlling mannerisms from 2 of my closest loved ones. I could have got upset, but I just observed it all and felt that (even though I have some controlling traits sometimes), I was not controlling anyone by not having an opinion. Or was I?

As I look back at this past week now, I know I actually was being controlling – and that being my practice of not having an opinion. I’m ok with that though, that’s a good control.

Have you tried it? Just listen and be a Non-judgmental Observer – It’s Awesome!

Success is Service.

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