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Posted on January 15, 2020 by Darren Davis

Hey Great People – Something’s Brewing!

We are our habits and what a fantastic thing to have new positive habits take over my old ones. With all these new (and now addictive) habits I have been doing on a daily basis 2 hours a day, nothing jumps out at me as big changes, but something is brewing inside of me, that’s for sure – My Definite Major Purpose. Good things and good people are being attracted into my life and although some of my ideas may seem crazy to others, they feel right to me. Sorry, but I’m actually not going to state any of these crazy (business) ideas here YET, as I am more one to “just do it” and have it come to fruition via quiet achievement.

As for my procrastination, even though I’ve been annoyed with myself many times, I can see that it has actually favoured me in my mindset towards creating something great. I have definitely been guilty of “letting the perfect be the enemy of the good” and not adhering to the saying “knowledge doesn’t apply itself”, (in regards to making business calls) but as for working on myself and building and perfecting my vision of my future self and future ideal; well as I said, “Something’s Brewing”.

I’m still yet to seek some good Mastermind partners where I live, but the people who I want to work with are being attracted into my life, it’s great!!

It’s also an amazing acceptance and realisation that we can achieve so much in life by being in service to others. What an absolutely brilliant concept as opposed to what society has taught us that we expect something back after we do something for somebody. You know that “What’s in it for me?” attitude. Ha! I’d rather be a go-giver any day.

I also have considered myself a slower learner, as I’m easily distracted and have found it hard to focus. BUT, as we well know now, I can change those habits for positive learning habits with practice, practice, practice. But I’m also a lot faster learner than anyone who is NOT doing the Master Key Experience – respectfully. Additionally, through past study of the mind and emotional therapy, I’m always put at comfort to know the subconscious mind is taking in more than the conscious mind thinks it does anyway.

This week focusing on kindness just tops it all off.

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