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Posted on February 17, 2020 by Darren Davis

Hey Great People!

Wow, what a fantastic webinar week 20 was! We can quite easily think and feel that not much is happening because we can be impatient and want to see BIG changes in front of our nose. But lets face it, we’ve got years of cement on us to chip off, which has been placed slowly from previous “conditioning”. So baby steps to improve, with subtle and/or profound realisations when they pop up, are fine with me.

Lots of GOLD from this week. The Compared Comparison and Hedgehog Concept are just what I need at this moment.

I have often felt that I’m not doing enough or not doing some things right, but these fantastic tools keep popping up to help us. I loved the realisation that we had already been doing so much of John Wooden’s, Leadership Pyramid of Success. I simply felt empowered after been shown that. So many great tools and linkings from continuing to do “The Drill” and our daily habits. The payoff is brewing.

Mahalo all – Onwards & Upwards.

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