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Posted on October 21, 2019 by Darren Davis

Hey Great People!

Wow, what a week and what a fantastic webinar that gave me some realisations. I thought I was decisive but didn’t realise how decisive I was about being indecisive – lol I loved the “Law of Giving” piece that Davene talked about and look forward to reading and practicing that. I’m sure it will complement my PPN’s of autonomy and helping others. As mentioned too, I’m doing this with my mum and we are just bouncing off each other and watching each other grow and improve, it’s just fantastic.

Also, even though I consider myself a generous giving person I didn’t realise (about a project that I had started a few months ago in regards to feeding the homeless people) how much I did expect reciprocity from it.

So that was a great realisation. Meanwhile we will continue to help the homeless and we’ve provided over 1000 meals so far, and from this day forward without the expectation of reciprocity. We have met a lot of great new people, and that’s a huge bonus on top of the homeless we help feed.

My 8 and 10 year old boys are watching me. They have started doing the sit with me. I’m doing an extra sit in the evening’s and they have started doing that with me when time permits and we’ve also created vision boards for them as well. We also read “What am I Worth”.

Meanwhile my darling wife who isn’t really into this (or my business) but has noticed and commented on the positive changes about me. Our household is definitely more positive. So, I’m quitting the 95% I was putting in on this MKE journey and going for a 100% now.

ALSO, I finally signed up my first NWM business partner and it was just effortless. I’m already starting to look back and laugh at my old blueprint; that indecisiveness and procrastination of the past.

Loving this journey, thanks people.

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