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Posted on November 18, 2019 by Darren Davis

Hey Great People!

The master key experience for the 2 last weeks has been really challenging for me.

Most of the times in the reads, I have been really fuzzy and not being able to focus properly on what I’m reading or listening to, nearly to the point of wanting to give up my Network Marketing. Normally I am a slower learner as I have a bit of a learning disability but I was even worse the last two weeks.

I found my DMP a bit vague and it seemed to coincide with how I was feeling, studying and reading and I even had more difficulty with the sits as my mind was racing more than usual. Even though I consciously didn’t seem to take it in, I know my subby was.

But I soldiered on, and I would say I’m more than 90% committed to the daily routines. I’m definitely addicted now.

One of my awarenesses during the week was my acceptance of my procrastination and a life-long feeling that I have had of fear of rejection. Instead of beating myself up about it, I really welcomed it as a challenge, especially the awareness of it. And even better, I focused back to ailments I have beaten in the past, through positive thought and healthy living. I have beaten asthma, severe depression and rheumatoid arthritis (to name a few), some of which the medical profession has tried so hard to “label me” with. I have been very proud of myself, being able to beat these things and now I really welcome the challenge to beat my procrastination and fear of rejection. I mean if I can beat depression and asthma and rheumatoid arthritis through positive thinking, I know can beat these other things.

I have also been working on a business idea in helping people that will compliment and coincide with my Network Marketing business and I just had a great business idea come to me this morning during the webinar which will include my two beautiful boys as part of the business. I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day, it’s just fantastic. I won’t share it with you just yet. I’m going to just do it.

What a journey!! Just loving it!!

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