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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

My Master Key Experience 2020/21: Year 2, Week 21

In my previous stubborn pig-headed ways, I used to think I could do it all on my own. But I am grateful in my search for answers to have come across and now consistently practice the Mastermind principle from Napoleon Hill: 2 or more people working in perfect harmony towards a definite purpose.

I wrote my Definite Purpose statement nearly 2 years ago. I read it 3 times a day and just as the studies of the MKE have taught me, I have gratefully attracted into my life some similar souls (who also have their own Purpose Statements) as we share, grow and achieve to gain what we really want from our lives.

I’m also extremely grateful to be a MKE guide and mastermind with these beautiful people each week as we share our challenges and triumphs and watch each other grow.

As Einstein said “All things are Miracles” and there are 11 of them right here in this picture.

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