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Posted on April 13, 2020 by Darren Davis

Hey Great People!

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since the end of our 26 week program on the Master Key Experience.

I have had emotional therapy before in my life’s journey, and tried many other methods to “be happy”, but the MKE definitely is the best personal development work I have done for myself. Yes it’s work, but well worth it – I am well and truly addicted to it. And it is so fulfilling to know that my journey will just keep on developing with so many achievements to come along the way. But it’s not just the journey, I am shining in more ways each day as well. I have noticed some beautifully connected, but subtle “shifts” in myself. (not bad for someone who was so depressed for years and once found himself in a hopeless, helpless suicidal way, curled up in a foetal position in the bottom of a shower well).

In the beginning of the MKE, we were guided to develop and write our Definite Major Purpose, a 400 word hand written paper that I read to myself (with feeling!!) 3 times a day, along with other new “habits”. I am so blown away at how amazing things are just developing from my DMP, even though when I wrote it, I didn’t know how some of these things were going to happen.

My business looks FANTASTIC, and it’s not even from where I thought it would come from!! But I wrote it and I read it to myself over and over and it’s developing!!

Another one of the statements I wrote was, “I help people connect with their true purpose in life and give them hands on help to achieve it”, and I really didn’t know at the time HOW I was going to do this!! AND NOW, I get the opportunity to be an MKE Guide!!

So, the next chapter begins, of this beautiful journey. Looking so forward to being more involved of this brilliant “MOVEMENT” that is the Master Key Experience. I’ve connected with my true purpose well and truly. Why would I not want to help others connect to their purpose in life?

Let’s do it

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