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Hey Great People!

It’s funny, if I had of heard this question before, I would have looked at it as an egotistical thing and I would of instantly judged and thought “Oh, who’s the wanker that wrote this?” LOL – I’m the one who put this video together.

AND, if I happened to be interested somewhat, I would have looked on the “outside” to find the answer. Little did I know this answer (and many more answers) lie within me – and YOU for that matter. And that’s what this video is about.

It blew me away, when I connected to the greatness within me. I was fortunate enough to come across the #MasterKeyExperience and all the beautiful people involved in it around the world, in 2019. And I know now, it “Called Me” just at the right time, even though I had been searching for “something” for 25 years or more.

I actually used to think I was a bit of a dummy and used to look up to many others as though they were better than me – crazy. I pretty well only let that go just last year, half way through the course. I had heard the saying before “The Truth Shall Set You Free” and never much thought about that, but WOW, how true that is.

Seriously, why do we say, do and act in certain ways because we are worried what others think of us?

How caught up in the B.S. of life we really can be, that shelters us from the truth, simply because we are so “conditioned” from our outside world. It’s not your fault, these habits go back many years. No doubt you’ve heard how “kids lose their innocence” when they’re about 5 years old? Well the MKE is all about reconnecting to that and encouraging the true greatness that has always been within you. Actually the MKE is many things to many people and this video shows that. Check it out.

I have a beautiful daughter and 2 champion boys who are growing up and watching and learning about the MKE and my involvement in it. My whole family is watching me do it including my beautiful supporting wife, not to mention my friends who are “watching” on social media – lol. Hey, it’s all good, I get it. Successful people are the ones who do things that unsuccessful people are not prepared to do.

I am so grateful that I can pass this onto my boys as they grow up with it, and gives them the opportunity to keep a lot of that “cement” off of their uniqueness. (See the movie “Golden Buddha – below” in regards to that cement). Guaranteed, they’re going to have a far easier life than most other kids. And you won’t “get” that unless you get the MKE.

Anyway, the MKE is about to start again this year and those who choose not to take that step into their own greatness this year will have to wait until next year. As for my addiction to it, it continues.

This year I get to do it as a Master Key Guide – What an honour.

Why would you not want to connect to the real reason you were put on this planet, especially when you know that you know that you know, you have something so special to give to the world.

Every one has something unique to offer the world and the MKE helps you connect to that.

Peace all.

Life IS Great when you focus on Greatness.

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