Global Mentoring

For 18 to 25 year old Young Adults

Guiding young adults to promote their natural gifts, by delivering

a customised Personal Discovery Course that develops

Individuality, Physical & Mental Health and Wealth Creation.

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Meet The Team

We are a group of passionate, qualified and lived professionals

who work together to pass on our skills and knowledge,

for our youth of today.

We feel there is a huge demand on these beautiful people

and our aim is to help them learn some critical life skills,

so they can manage life's challenges with a greater confidence.

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So what's the catch? - Just show up, that's it.

We are giving back.


All we want from you is full attendance and your feedback to gather social proof.

After May 15th 2022 this course will sell for $2997USD

😀 So, do you have a desire to achieve something special in your life?
😀 A hobby?
😀 A passion?
😀 Something that you really want to achieve?
😀 Or would you like some guidance into bringing out your best?
😀 Maybe you have a burning desire, but feel a bit stuck?


Well, we'd love to help you get there.

10 Scholarships Only


At this event we will be:
😀 Showing you a Proven Success System that is customised for you to what you want to achieve, so you leave the 12-week event with specialised knowledge, a customised plan and an understanding of what you need to do after the course and ongoing through your life.

😀 So we will be, masterminding in a Private online group with others who want to achieve - just like you.

😀 You get hands on help with TWO-ON-TWO coaching.

😀 6 Coaches with only 10 Members!!

😀 Sharing information, skills and knowledge to help you achieve what you want, and not what others or society thinks is best for you. If you feel a bit stuck, it's all good, we'll help you get there.

😀 You also get stacks of info, pdf's, audios and more.

😀 Led by 6 extremely experienced, lived and qualified Life Coaches from Australia, Africa and America, who have a passion to help others.

😀 The event times will be approx. 2.5 hours a week total and online face to face with 2 coaches to 2 members. Included is a 90 minute community zoom weekly.

😀 If we can show you proven success strategies to achieve your goals, are you willing to commit to this program by showing up for all the sessions and doing the homework given?
😀 A desire to want to achieve in life.
😀 A desire to become the best version of yourself.

😀 So, if you would like to mix with like-minded 18 to 25 year old young adults online from around the world and some passionate coaches,

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW (goes to online application form)

DON'T MISS OUT - Registrations close May 8th 2022

NEW START DATE: Course starts May 15th 2022