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Posted on October 9, 2019 by Darren Davis

Hey Great People!

My mum is doing the Master Key Experience with me, so it will be great to see each other grow as we progress. I’ve been pretty good at the new “habits” we’ve been given to do and can see them affecting me and the people around me already. Doing the meditation in the sit and switching that racing mind off is a challenge, but practice makes perfect – onwards and upwards.

Speaking of challenges, I’ll state here now my biggest one so that I can look back later and laugh at it later 🙂

I overthink things and am guilty of “letting the perfect be the enemy of the good” – the small tasks/new habits we are getting so far is a great start (e.g. Saying “Do it Now” x 25 times twice daily and “I always keep my promises)

As I said, I look forward to looking back at this blog with a comfortable smile, knowing how far I’ve come


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