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Posted on March 30, 2020 by Darren Davis

Hey Great People!

Wow, what a journey – SO FAR!!

My 2 personal pivotal needs are Helping Others and Autonomy. I have habitually thought, felt and read these over and over to myself for the past 26 weeks of this brilliant course. They both have well and truly manifested.

HELPING OTHERS: I created 2 Meetup groups – 1 has over 250 volunteers who (about 12 people at a time) help us prepare and cook food for the homeless. The other is relatively new, but is about helping others and ourselves achieve in life, simply by sharing our skills, knowledge, experience and resources with each other at little or no cost. Many zoom calls to follow 🙂

AUTONOMY: I had a fair bit of Autonomy already with my job. Now I have even more, as I was just made redundant due to the state of the economy from the Carona Virus. I blame no one, as I certainly wished it to myself. I’m grateful it happened.

ONWARDS: I am so grateful to have more time now, to move forward quicker. AND, with the skills from the MKE, I can grow my passion that is Global Heroes and grow my home business. Due to my dislike of watching TV, attempting to stay away from all things negative and the MKE of course, I see nothing but opportunity right now with being able to help people more.

Even with that "C" thingo that is going around, WE CAN SHINE, as we share what we’ve got. I can see myself now looking back and re-reading this blog, with a comfortable smile of success and achievement.

Thank you so much to Mark J, Davene, GG, Pops, Lori, Lucinda, my beautiful guide JJ, all the other guides, the people I’ve connected with, anyone I’ve missed and all the beautiful people in this awe-inspiring journey, that is the MKE and LIFE.

Onwards and Upwards – Big Time!

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