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Posted on January 3, 2020 by Darren Davis

Hey Great People!

As per our homework for the Master Key Experience this week, I watched “October Sky” with my 2 boys last night. And I had to keep an eye out for the 4 Steps to Success (From Napoleon Hill: for anything you want to achieve in life). – DMP + PMA + WPOA + MMA = SUCCESS

Definite Major Purpose (backed by a burning desire) + Positive Mental Attitude + Written Plan of Action (expressed continually) + Mastermind Mind Alliance = SUCCESS.

So, based on a true story, Homer followed his dream of making and successfully launching a rocket (his DMP) as opposed to working in the local coal mine like his father wanted him to. It didn’t matter what the rest of his school mates, brother or the rest of the town thought and said of him, he kept his focus, attitude and burning desire (PMA), determined to make it work. So along with some good friends and an initial outside source (new geeky friend) (MMA), they tried and failed again and again until they succeeded.

They had a major hiccup along the way causing Homer to not follow his dream for some time, but eventually he came back to his burning desire (DMP) and with the help of his father, his teacher, the principle and his friends (MMA), he successfully won an award for his rocket launch. Later in life he went on to work for NASA.

Onwards and Upwards 🙂

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