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Posted on May 22, 2020 by Darren Davis

Hey Great People!

More manifestation has occurred from things I wanted back in October 2019.

As Master Key Experience course goers, we created our own movie boards with pictures and objects of what we want to manifest in our lives. I have been so pleasantly surprised this past week when a couple of times I’ve glanced at the movie board and smiled as I’ve acknowledged things (including pictures of people I want to work with) I’ve obtained on it. And just like we were told during the course, “Don’t worry about HOW things will be manifested, just do the habits, it’ll come”. And it has. We were also informed that the manifestation may come from avenues unknown. And they have. – Just amazing!

It is hard mental labour to introduce and continue with new habits when all other distractive activities are happening around us, but is it worth it? YOU BET. I have known I’ve got something special to offer the world for some time and I feel so good, knowing I’m on a brilliant journey to my higher self whilst helping others reach their higher self at the same time. Why would anyone not want to do that? I’m actually getting a bit teary now as I write this, when I think about how Mark Januszewski, his wife The Fab D and all the beautiful team, guides and associates have and still are creating so many ripple effects from the MKE course! And then I picture the ripple effects that I’m making now and going to continue to make as I manifest my Definite Major Purpose – WOW, just WOW!!

I am also so blessed to be on this journey, with some beautiful souls I’m meeting more and more, and communicating with from all around the world.


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